1 year old to be!

she is going to be one year old this august and i totally forgot exactly the date. love you mia. 



just the grill. i like to explore different kind of views and this one looks cool. i just love how my fujifilm xt10 is able to capture moments like this. 

the butterfly

i found a dead butterfly when i am on my way just from the gym. i decided to bring it back with me and try to take picture of its colourful wings. however, my lens is not a micro type amd this is what the best and close up so far what i can do. this is stright out of camera with any post-processingis done. i just love this picture.


this is how different a pic when the post-processing was done. the image was taken by fujifilm xt10 and post processing software is adobe lightroom. For the font addition, i used phnto. 

Looking up to the sky

when i look up to the sky, i just love the colours. blue for the sky, white for the cloud, and it will be even better if the sky is scattered with the golden and purple colours. the scene, made me feel – i don’t even want to leave or forget the scenery.

My kind of view

This is my kind of view from my hometown. I have missed my flights to my hometown and luckily to grab another flight for the next two days for the eid celebration. For this holiday, i am going to spent two weeks for this particular holiday and i will upload more pics from my hometown.