New hobby, new passion and new camera

Hello there. This is my first post and new blog for me as I have another blog but it is more personal. This one that I created here is for my new hobby, new passion and new camera. I am going to upload the chosen photos that I take from my camera and I really wish to create and share the photo that I have and wish I can keep on continue this new hobby, new passion and new hobby.

As for now, I am using FujiFilm Camera XT10 and this is my first camera. I don’t have any experience whatsoever in this photography field but seeing my friend with his passion in taking picture, the composition, the black and white and places that he went, make me want to be one. One real and professional photographer as I will try to do my best. Establishing blog is one of the way for me to keep on going this and keep taking picture.


Fujifilm XT10 camera is so friendly user and I am still learning about everything. It is provided with the kit lens, easy for zoom in and stuff. So, lets do the best and hoping the picture will be nice and cool.


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