bulb, infinity and f=2.8

During my holiday to my hometown, I am intended to shoot the night sky and milky way because my home is quite far from the city. So, the light pollution will be less, it made easy to shoot the star and the milky way. For this shoot, it took me two nights to shoot this. At first, I shoot it in front of my house and the second night, I went to the beach. Luckily, I have managed to shoot the night sky and milky way, although it is still a bit rough for me. Another one thing, I need to learnt how to use adobe photoshop because as for now, I am using picasa – which is I am playing with some settings. Change some there and there and put my signature and done. Hence, it is not really a lot work in editing the picture. Of course, all of these are very last minute studying because I really thought I can shoot with apperture priority but it did not work like that because when I used it, I only see blackness. So, I do some googling and mostly, they suggested me to do all manually and use bulb and other settings. This time, I choose the best five and enjoy!

07172015 002

07152015 207

07172015 027

07172015 018

07172015 056


HOMEtown (Tawau, Sabah)

Recently, I went back to my hometown which is located at Tawau, Sabah and I am pretty excited because I want to give my new camera, Fujifilm XT10 for a shooting because I want to try to capture the milkyway (which I will upload in later post) and people. I really want to try to shoot and try different personality and style this time and for this post, I will only upload few pictures and I will upload the rest later.

07152015 005

Right after I landed from my 2 hours and 45 minutes flight from Kuala Lumpur, I was intended to be the last person coming out from the plane because I want to try capture the clear shoot with the cloud. Unfortunately, the sky is pretty clear during that time and it is the best shoot that I have.

07152015 020

After that, I went to ranggu, visiting my uncle and auntie which is in rural area where I saw a rooster in the “reban” and try to capture the moment. I am using the new mode from the fujifilm XT10 which is the new autofocus system. I am clearly satisfied with this shoot because being able to focus on the rooster and green scenery as blurry background.

07152015 099

The next picture is where I try to capture my neighbor house which separated by a tiny river. In this scenery, I am focusing on the concrete and the wire which is also blurred by the background of my neighbor house and the tires as well.

07152015 100

and the last picture, I dedicated this post to him, Izz Rayyan Rayqarl as the subject for this photoshoot. With the yellow-ish background and him as the subject, this is my very first trial capturing take his picture and I am glad that it turn out to be well.

In the next post, I will show you the milky way and the night view of Tawau as well and it is such a beautiful view and scenery. 🙂

another random pictures..

I am trying different angle here but what I got is not really satisfied me yet. But, tomorrow morning – I will try to different subject. Wish me luck.

But, my favorite picture is that one where I am able to shoot planets (I am totally forgot what are the planets) but it is totally cool. Also, it remind me on my dream to shoot the milky way because I envy my friend who have XT1 and able to shoot the milky way. So, next week – I will be in my hometown and I really wish that I will be able to shoot mire pics and of course I will try to shoot the sky with thousand of diamonds shattered. I am just hoping that I will be able to shoot the milky way if possible.

07032015 010 07032015 03407032015 19307032015 24507032015 011