Unplanned trip to Jeram Toi

Yesterday, my friend and I planned for a trip near our place to the Sungai Tekala Waterfall. However, when we drive there, the place is closed. I think it is because of some incidents where it is reported that five people were missing but we keep moving forward because we saw another sign board which is about 12km for another waterfall. However, we feel cheated because after driving with no end of 30 minutes, trying to googled every place with waterfall, we finally crossed the border of another state, negeri sembilan. What a journey we have yesterday. However, after driving and driving, we reach a place which is called Jeram Gading. It is like a small river but still, a nice place to have photoshoot of river water flowing and have a nice breakfast. What a nice viewing I witness.

After that, we met few people and local people and said that, there is another nice place which is about 30 minutes from there – Jeram Toi and a nice waterfall and we can go to the top which is nice. So, we finished our breakfast and went for another driving for 30 minutes and on the way, we watch a motorcross competition and this is so out of blue. Seeing young men with their motorbike riding it – another briefly experience which is unplanned. Then, we go to the Jeram Toi and it is awesome because the place is so beautiful. Worth the journey we have go through and we start eating for lunch, taking picture and have fun. Enjoy the waterfall of Jeram Toi which is located in Negeri Sembilan and another awesome learning experience and I really need to buy a tripod for this type of photoshoot. I just bought a filter lens before I traveled to Bali because I really need to protect the lens from any scratch  and dust.

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Another visit to Putrajaya!

One thing what I love about living near Putrajaya is I can go anytime I want for taking picture, if its is on night or day. Putrajaya is quite beautiful for me because I have been here few times and capturing picture like flower and scenery as you can refer to my previous post. Just an usual night, I feel bored and feeling want to play around with the night scenery. I can’t believe how productive that night because I am able to take few pictures, which is one of the best that I have ever capture. So guys, if you are looking for inspiration, do come to Putrajaya, Malaysia because I believe you won’t believe your eyes. Enjoy!

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This is the last day in Bali, aka Day 3 and it is free and leisure where I take a walk on my own around Bali, specifically Kuta. At first, I took taxi from the Hotel to the Hard rock cafe because I need to buy t-shirt from there as collection. For every place I visit, I am going to buy the hard rock t-shirt as my collection. Although it is quite expensive, but worth my collection. So, back to the free and leisure day, I took taxi because I really don’t know the area of Kuta. So, after I reached Kuta Town, I did a walk from the beach – the famous one  for surfing which is Kuta Beach. Very wonderful and another quite viewing of beaches did Bali have. No wonder people around the world come to Bali for the beaches and of course, its culture as well.

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For the second day in Bali, I spent most of the time in the car because the places that I went it is quite far from the Kuta. However, we managed to drop by to few places like Gurah, Kampung Bali, Krishna and all these places – the place where I bought souvenirs, foods and tshirt for my family. Then I also able to visit the places where they produced drawing, silver and batik. Nice experience but a bit pointless. Then, we went to Kintamani and try the famous Kopi Luwak. Also, I went to the Tegalalang Paddy Rice. Very nice place to see with the nice breeze. I just love the place because it kind of remind me Genting Highlands and Kundasang. Just a nice place for me. For the second day, don’t have much picture to show. I miss Bali.

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I just got back from the Bali and what I can say, it is one of the best experience I have ever in my life because I cant believe because I am travelling alone to Bali. It feels good and of course, there will be more after this. What I can say about Bali, it is a place that is rich with culture and ritual. I just love the place how it is still preserve its traditional way of life and social. I will never say no to the beaches and in Bali, it is one of the most beautiful beaches that I have ever went in my life. In Bali, got Nusa Dua beach, Pendawa Beach and more and lot of activities that can be done. It is just so beautiful and searching for the soul. I can say that I will be coming again to Bali because there will be no enough travel to Bali since I missed and not able to visit few places but I will come for the second time for sure. It is just a lovely place on earth to visit. Basically, on the first day – I went to watch Barong dance, Pantai Nusa Dua, Pendawa Beach, and Uluwatu. Uluwatu is the highlight of my trip to Bali because it is so beautiful with the beach, sunset, cliff and Kecak Dance performance. Everything is just so mix perfectly and I really love and I feel like I want to watch Kecak Dance again because I feel like I really want to be part of the dance performance and I want to feel how it was to stay in Bali for long time. It is good and nice, really. I will continue the Bali on day two later.

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Floria at Putrajaya (Trip 2)

For the second trip, I went with my friend – Just show him around since we got not much to do on weekend and decided to have a walk at the Floria. I try to shoot different thing but in different perspectives. I also try to practice on changing the apperture, ISO and so on.

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For the next entry, I will upload and tell you about my travel to Bali. I just come back from Bali yesterday and it is awesome. I will tell share the picture later. TQ.

Black and White

During my trip to Kerteh for outstation, I am trying to play with my Fujifilm XT10 and the environment. Near my hotel, I saw a tractor stranded in an open place with hills. With side of the picture of trees and pole. I guess I need to enhance my skills in this black and white photos. But I like how the trees show the darker side of the picture and the tractor as well.

08132015 423

Floria at Putrajaya (Trip 1)

The week after raya, I spent my sunday evening at Floria, Putrajaya. It was so beautiful and there are many type of gardens that show different themes. Just a very suitable places for me to enhance my skills for photographing. I am glad for I am able to come to this place and actually, there are many places in Putrajaya that I can take picture. Many subjects and many different backgrounds I can used. The thing is I also managed to shoot the lake and the bridge near the Floria which make that place is such an amusement because of the calming and peaceful.

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