I just got back from the Bali and what I can say, it is one of the best experience I have ever in my life because I cant believe because I am travelling alone to Bali. It feels good and of course, there will be more after this. What I can say about Bali, it is a place that is rich with culture and ritual. I just love the place how it is still preserve its traditional way of life and social. I will never say no to the beaches and in Bali, it is one of the most beautiful beaches that I have ever went in my life. In Bali, got Nusa Dua beach, Pendawa Beach and more and lot of activities that can be done. It is just so beautiful and searching for the soul. I can say that I will be coming again to Bali because there will be no enough travel to Bali since I missed and not able to visit few places but I will come for the second time for sure. It is just a lovely place on earth to visit. Basically, on the first day – I went to watch Barong dance, Pantai Nusa Dua, Pendawa Beach, and Uluwatu. Uluwatu is the highlight of my trip to Bali because it is so beautiful with the beach, sunset, cliff and Kecak Dance performance. Everything is just so mix perfectly and I really love and I feel like I want to watch Kecak Dance again because I feel like I really want to be part of the dance performance and I want to feel how it was to stay in Bali for long time. It is good and nice, really. I will continue the Bali on day two later.

08262015 007

08262015 081

08262015 102

08262015 316 08262015 370 08262015 204


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