This is the last day in Bali, aka Day 3 and it is free and leisure where I take a walk on my own around Bali, specifically Kuta. At first, I took taxi from the Hotel to the Hard rock cafe because I need to buy t-shirt from there as collection. For every place I visit, I am going to buy the hard rock t-shirt as my collection. Although it is quite expensive, but worth my collection. So, back to the free and leisure day, I took taxi because I really don’t know the area of Kuta. So, after I reached Kuta Town, I did a walk from the beach – the famous one  for surfing which is Kuta Beach. Very wonderful and another quite viewing of beaches did Bali have. No wonder people around the world come to Bali for the beaches and of course, its culture as well.

08262015 768

08262015 773

08262015 789

08262015 819

08262015 823

08262015 852


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