Unplanned trip to Jeram Toi

Yesterday, my friend and I planned for a trip near our place to the Sungai Tekala Waterfall. However, when we drive there, the place is closed. I think it is because of some incidents where it is reported that five people were missing but we keep moving forward because we saw another sign board which is about 12km for another waterfall. However, we feel cheated because after driving with no end of 30 minutes, trying to googled every place with waterfall, we finally crossed the border of another state, negeri sembilan. What a journey we have yesterday. However, after driving and driving, we reach a place which is called Jeram Gading. It is like a small river but still, a nice place to have photoshoot of river water flowing and have a nice breakfast. What a nice viewing I witness.

After that, we met few people and local people and said that, there is another nice place which is about 30 minutes from there – Jeram Toi and a nice waterfall and we can go to the top which is nice. So, we finished our breakfast and went for another driving for 30 minutes and on the way, we watch a motorcross competition and this is so out of blue. Seeing young men with their motorbike riding it – another briefly experience which is unplanned. Then, we go to the Jeram Toi and it is awesome because the place is so beautiful. Worth the journey we have go through and we start eating for lunch, taking picture and have fun. Enjoy the waterfall of Jeram Toi which is located in Negeri Sembilan and another awesome learning experience and I really need to buy a tripod for this type of photoshoot. I just bought a filter lens before I traveled to Bali because I really need to protect the lens from any scratch  and dust.

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