For this entry, I want to fill it with the picture of my anak buah – niece and nephew and I was able to spent four days in my hometown after finished my job in Kimanis. It is very hard to take picture of them because need to controlled them very well and it is hard to do. Also, I decided to go with black and white – which most of the picture and some in the original color.

DSCF6741 DSCF6768 DSCF6793 DSCF6800 DSCF6836 DSCF6843 DSCF6939 DSCF6982


Flying with MAS

This video is taken during my flight to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and I tried very hard to take the picture in the flight because the turbulence make my video very shaky as the results. However, this is cool.

No Way Milky Way!

During my last trip to Sabah, I was thinking of the milky way that I have planned to capture. I even have bought a tripod for me to capture the milky way and doing the stargazing. However, during my stay there in Sabah – there cloud has clouded the sky and of course, the haze. So, I only able to take few pictures like sunsets, sky and star. Pretty satisfied with it and I love it very much although I don’t have the milky way. Maybe I can try later again and focus for another. I want to do time lapse again. I miss it but my trial of Adobe Lightroom has expired. I don’t know whether I can use it again and I am already fall in love with it. I still have videos from out trip to ShanShui to edit, of course and I will do it this weekend.

DSCF6468 DSCF6487 DSCF6550 DSCF6562

Random Thoughts

I have been very busy and still, I don’t have times to update my wordpress. It is been a week plus I think and I just come back from job at Kimanis, Sabah and after that – I went straight to my home for EidulAdha, celebrating with them. Also, I have my new toy – Xiaomi Yi Action Camera and what I can say, worth the money. I will show you some videos and photos later, in the next next next entry and as for right now, I am travelling directly from Tawau to Johor for training here in MMHE. What a journey I have these last two weeks. Here is some random thoughts about my trip so far with the pictures. Tanglung is one of my favorite subject, I just love how the canvas of the taglung is highlighted in the dim light of the lamp. The flower is called as kemboja if I am not mistaken but it is so white and yellow, yet the smell is so nice. Caught a picture of coal – which is a shadow subject on the sands. A small ship – sampan which is aside on the beach and I just love the rural area of Sabah because it made me feels close to my hometown. Same as like the coal, found a reef on the sand and taking a picture of it – I just like to highlight how the texture of the reef amazes me at the same time. The man and the horse is my favorite because I just love how the black and white picture (almost) can convey the message and the beautiful reflection of its and the background also amazing. Last but not least, the lamp in my room – I just want to learn how to take picture of person in the low light. Maybe an ethnic or foreigner will be good.

DSCF6604 DSCF6623 DSCF6633 DSCF6638 DSCF6669 DSCF6675 DSCF6714

in front of my house..

I can’t believe my eyes for the view that I can take in front of my eyes. With the haze take over of the views, it is very hard to see this decent views anymore. But these few days, it is raining a lot lately and luckily, washed away the haze. Today, I witnessed very beautiful scenery and I don’t forget to take picture with my beloved xt10. With the elements existed such as pool of water, orange’s sky – so beautiful. Just perfect.

Actually, I should be sleeping now because tomorrow, I need to go to Sabah for another outstation and of course, I am going to take lot of picture and I have ready my xt10 and the tripod as well. I want to take sunset picture as well and hopefully, have time to finish everything because I am planning to go back to my hometown this week. Wish me luck and please enjoy the picture as well. Basically, all pictures are the same – just I took it at the different times.

DSCF5671 DSCF5673 DSCF5676 DSCF5684 DSCF5691


Last night, after I finished my job – I am taking in front of my house and noticed there is sum of water on the floor outside my neighbor’s house lobby. So, I feel like ¬†I need to take the picture with reflection and below are the results, I only managed to do two shots anyway.

DSCF5601 DSCF5605

Another time lapse

The thing about time lapse is you need to wait for hours in order to get the pictures. As example for yesterday, I am taking 30 seconds interval with 120 frame picture – which means about one hours and another setting that I also done as well is 15 seconds interval with 240 frames picture. Both take times of one hour each and honestly, there is no way for turning back when you have started taking picture. After learnt a little bit about editing it, I also study about how to make the slideshow from the adobe lightroom and it is very promising since there is a lot to explore. So, basically, this is what I have done yesterday and how I spent my holiday =)

time lapse trial #1

Since I will be outstation next week to Kota KInabalu, Sabah – you know that the beaches are very beautiful because I have been there few times and of course, I only have my iphone 5 to capture the sunset and sunrise of beach view near the hotel that I stay. But, this time – I am going to try to take time lapse for the sunrise and sunset but before that, I want to try and do a little test first before do the amazing shot of the view.

The one thing that I love of having camera is I have a lot to learn and study and it is a fun thing to do. To explore everything on what the mirrorless camera can offers. So many and that is why I am never get bored with my xt10. So, today is Malaysia’s Day and it is declared as public holiday and I decided to do some time lapse, not very far from my house – just outside my room and I want to shoot the cloud, building ad trees and hopefully it turns out well. For this shoot, I take 120 frames for every 30 seconds because from what I read, it is advisable to used 30 seconds as the interval for taking cloud movement.

So, here is the result and the editing is done by using adobe lightroom 5.

Random Editing before Sleep!

This weekend, I don’t feel like to do some exploration or take picture because of the haze. The haze is getting worse from day to day and I need to minimize my outdoor activities as much as I can. So, I stuck at home and watch Heroes series, just because of. Then, tomorrow is Monday and I feel not sleepy yet and this is some random editing picture that I did before I went to sleep after watching the tutorial. and I just purchase Xiaomi Xi Yi camera, just to add up on my collection. I want to try how it will work specially the action camera and also, underwater cam. Hope worth the money.

08262015 459 08262015 759 08262015 774 DSCF4521