Experimenting with picture editing : Adobe Lightroom 5

Right now, I am in Johor Bahru for another outstation which required me to do some hardware installation. So, tonight – I am playing with the new software and still, I haven’t watch the videos from the tutorial youtube which is about how to use the adobe lightromm 5. But of course, I got to play around with the software first and then, to see the features and then, I will watch the tutorial. Only when I was free. All these picture were taken on Floria and it is such a beautiful place to go with. For this, I try editing using three pictures here and hopefully, it is nice (:

08132015 055

08132015 247

08132015 488

I know the editing picture is still done roughly, I still have a lot to learnt by the way. But, this is the best so far what I can do from my experience and what I have done and learnt at the same time. I guess I really need to watch the tutorial before start doing any editing again. I really need to practice because this Saturday, I will be one of the photographer for my colleague solemnization and wedding. I really want to take this opportunity because this will be my very first time for me to take picture during this event and I really hope the pictures will come out nicely.


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