Software editing picture

For the software editing picture, I use Picasa 3 which is the simplest one software for amateur like me because at first, I don’t know anything about the adobe photoshop even I have learnt it during my matriculation. But, it is a long long time ago since I learnt about it. So, when I come across my flickr group for FUJIFILM XT10, they have a discussion about the software that they use for editing picture and I read about adobe lightroom. So, I try to make a comparison between these two, Picasa 3 and Adobe Lightroom and the result as below. I also attached the original photo as well but from what I see, Adobe Lightroom is so convenient but ediiting it is not a simpe process yet need a long long way to learn about it. From what I see that one I edited using Adobe Lightroom, it is look so unreal yet so beautiful. Still need a long long process to learn it. Well, I use one of my picture during my travel to Bali as the experimental photo during the sunset and performance of Kecak Dance. I guess I need to use and familiarize myself with the Adobe Lightroom because the result is superb and beautiful.

08262015 458 (2)

08262015 458

08262015 458


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