time lapse trial #1

Since I will be outstation next week to Kota KInabalu, Sabah – you know that the beaches are very beautiful because I have been there few times and of course, I only have my iphone 5 to capture the sunset and sunrise of beach view near the hotel that I stay. But, this time – I am going to try to take time lapse for the sunrise and sunset but before that, I want to try and do a little test first before do the amazing shot of the view.

The one thing that I love of having camera is I have a lot to learn and study and it is a fun thing to do. To explore everything on what the mirrorless camera can offers. So many and that is why I am never get bored with my xt10. So, today is Malaysia’s Day and it is declared as public holiday and I decided to do some time lapse, not very far from my house – just outside my room and I want to shoot the cloud, building ad trees and hopefully it turns out well. For this shoot, I take 120 frames for every 30 seconds because from what I read, it is advisable to used 30 seconds as the interval for taking cloud movement.

So, here is the result and the editing is done by using adobe lightroom 5.


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