in front of my house..

I can’t believe my eyes for the view that I can take in front of my eyes. With the haze take over of the views, it is very hard to see this decent views anymore. But these few days, it is raining a lot lately and luckily, washed away the haze. Today, I witnessed very beautiful scenery and I don’t forget to take picture with my beloved xt10. With the elements existed such as pool of water, orange’s sky – so beautiful. Just perfect.

Actually, I should be sleeping now because tomorrow, I need to go to Sabah for another outstation and of course, I am going to take lot of picture and I have ready my xt10 and the tripod as well. I want to take sunset picture as well and hopefully, have time to finish everything because I am planning to go back to my hometown this week. Wish me luck and please enjoy the picture as well. Basically, all pictures are the same – just I took it at the different times.

DSCF5671 DSCF5673 DSCF5676 DSCF5684 DSCF5691


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