Random Thoughts

I have been very busy and still, I don’t have times to update my wordpress. It is been a week plus I think and I just come back from job at Kimanis, Sabah and after that – I went straight to my home for EidulAdha, celebrating with them. Also, I have my new toy – Xiaomi Yi Action Camera and what I can say, worth the money. I will show you some videos and photos later, in the next next next entry and as for right now, I am travelling directly from Tawau to Johor for training here in MMHE. What a journey I have these last two weeks. Here is some random thoughts about my trip so far with the pictures. Tanglung is one of my favorite subject, I just love how the canvas of the taglung is highlighted in the dim light of the lamp. The flower is called as kemboja if I am not mistaken but it is so white and yellow, yet the smell is so nice. Caught a picture of coal – which is a shadow subject on the sands. A small ship – sampan which is aside on the beach and I just love the rural area of Sabah because it made me feels close to my hometown. Same as like the coal, found a reef on the sand and taking a picture of it – I just like to highlight how the texture of the reef amazes me at the same time. The man and the horse is my favorite because I just love how the black and white picture (almost) can convey the message and the beautiful reflection of its and the background also amazing. Last but not least, the lamp in my room – I just want to learn how to take picture of person in the low light. Maybe an ethnic or foreigner will be good.

DSCF6604 DSCF6623 DSCF6633 DSCF6638 DSCF6669 DSCF6675 DSCF6714


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