No Way Milky Way!

During my last trip to Sabah, I was thinking of the milky way that I have planned to capture. I even have bought a tripod for me to capture the milky way and doing the stargazing. However, during my stay there in Sabah – there cloud has clouded the sky and of course, the haze. So, I only able to take few pictures like sunsets, sky and star. Pretty satisfied with it and I love it very much although I don’t have the milky way. Maybe I can try later again and focus for another. I want to do time lapse again. I miss it but my trial of Adobe Lightroom has expired. I don’t know whether I can use it again and I am already fall in love with it. I still have videos from out trip to ShanShui to edit, of course and I will do it this weekend.

DSCF6468 DSCF6487 DSCF6550 DSCF6562


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