For this entry, I want to show you the comparison of the pictures that I took randomly, just in front of my house. Just at this moment, the color and the atmosphere is so lovely. I know that I should not make comparison of the Fujifilm XT10 with Xiomi Yi Action camera but I just want to show how the comparison.

The first three pictures here is taken by Fujifilm Xt10 and I have done some editing by using the Adobe Lightroom.

DSCF8006 DSCF8007 DSCF8009

and now, these three are from Xiaomi Yi Action camera. I noticed that there are some vibrations when capturing camera and I know I should take the picture using wifi and capture it using my phone. But still, I do love the results especially the last picture.


The reason why I bought Xiomi YI Camera action is because I just want a camera that can help me take video during my travel to the world, but maybe also because I want to try it in water. But, I also love it because its wide angle. So, that is the reason.

I really want to take some pictures and I miss it but the weather won’t allowed me because the crazy haziness. Hopefully, the weather will be okay next few weeks and this week, I am going for another outstation in Kerteh and maybe I can try taking some pictures later.


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