Love affection in koh lipe

During my stay in koh lipe, I try my best to take pictures which shown the love affection between people. This is some of the shots that I was able to shoot and the post processing, I decided to go with vanilla sky theme for the processing. I just love taking picture with people hugging or stand with each other, a daughter hugged her mom and people who watching the sunset or sunrise. This is the moments that people appreciated and love each other no matter what.



My boat

I just have the chance to edit some of my pics from my vacation in koh lipe, Thailand.  The place is so beautiful and the sunset and sunrise also were too way amazing. I am just glad for this vacation because this is one of the spurred moments that I have not really decided or planned. Luckily, spending four days and three night is not enough as I want to spent the rest of my life here with the clear crystal blue ocean and sea, the breezy winds and with thousand and millions of stars in the night. I will come back again for sure but I will need to visit another place which will be siem reap. 


Walking to the Light

I am obsessed with black and white picture. There is something shady about it and this one, I just love it on how the person just walk silently to the light although the surrounding is dark enough and the result is so amazing. I love my fujifilm xt10. Worth every ringgit I spent on it. IMG_0793

Sunset at Kota Kinabalu

Last week, I went for another outstation at Kota Kinabalu and luckily, I managed to spare some time for me to take some beautiful sunset with the ships. Such a breathtaking view and I wish to explore more about Sabah.