During one of my outstation to Sabah (I am from Sabah and yet, working at different place), I have the chance to visit this Pantai Tanjung Aru and it has been 15 years ago since my last visit to this beach. Such a beautiful beach and I will come back for sure.

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Be one with the nature. It will help you to stop thinking and enjoy the moment with what the nature can offer to you.



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Only if we know how beautiful it is under the sea. It is a new yet exciting different world.


This is not a reflection of an image on a water or any surface. Just me trying the features in my XT10 camera which allowed you to pinch two pictures.

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When your world is upside down, don’t hesitated. Everyone has experienced it. Just wait and be patience, your life will be on track again. That is just the way of how life is going on around us.

Izz Rayyan Rayqarl and Izz Mia Medina

They are my sister’s kids. They are so cute and I am lucky to have them although I can’t wait to have my own. The thing is, every time I went to my hometown – I will always bring my XT10 and took their pictures. I always love black and white setting because there is something that is real and vintage about using this kind of setting. For this one, I try to include some inspirational quotes. Enjoy the pictures!

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The family is the best thing in the world. Hold onto them and never let them go, never forget them and never hurt them.

A new home with amazing view!

Just last month, I have moved to another place – just because. The amazing thing about my new place is the amazing view that was such a breathtaking. The good thing, I also have decorated my room, so that I can have my own and personal place that felt like home. But, the most important thing is the amazing view of  sunset with the hill and houses.


The symphony of colours – sunset with the hill and orange lights background. It is like the spectrum of colours were scattered over the sky.