Looking up to the sky

when i look up to the sky, i just love the colours. blue for the sky, white for the cloud, and it will be even better if the sky is scattered with the golden and purple colours. the scene, made me feel – i don’t even want to leave or forget the scenery.



Last night, I went to my cousin’s solemnization and it was a lovely wedding. As usual, I try to capture picture and stuff, this is one of my capture. 

My kind of view

This is my kind of view from my hometown. I have missed my flights to my hometown and luckily to grab another flight for the next two days for the eid celebration. For this holiday, i am going to spent two weeks for this particular holiday and i will upload more pics from my hometown.

The rising clouds

i love to play with vibrant colours. i like to make it is interesting with the combination colours of pink, purple and blue. i owned fujifilm xt10 and up to this day, i don’t know how many pictures i have taken. but what i can say, it is worth the money and i love it. this picture is takenearly morning, when the sun is not ready yet to rise but its colours already come out. 

Just Sunset

While waiting for the break fast time, i read the trial by Franz Kafka and realized the sunset behind me is amazing. it looks like an eclipse because my surroundings is getting darken. after all, this is a breathtaking view that i love so much.