1 year old to be!

she is going to be one year old this august and i totally forgot exactly the date. love you mia. 



just the grill. i like to explore different kind of views and this one looks cool. i just love how my fujifilm xt10 is able to capture moments like this. 

the butterfly

i found a dead butterfly when i am on my way just from the gym. i decided to bring it back with me and try to take picture of its colourful wings. however, my lens is not a micro type amd this is what the best and close up so far what i can do. this is stright out of camera with any post-processingis done. i just love this picture.


this is how different a pic when the post-processing was done. the image was taken by fujifilm xt10 and post processing software is adobe lightroom. For the font addition, i used phnto.